Satisfye - Accessories Compatible with Nintendo Switch - Comfortable & Ergonomic Switch Grip, Joy Con & Switch Control - #1 Switch Accessories Designed for Gamers. FREE BONUS: 4 Thumbsticks

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● WHILE OTHER GRIPS will leave you fatigued after some time, our asymmetrical ergonomic comfort grip will keep you fraggin in Fortnite hour after hour● We LOVE handheld mode and that is solely why we decided that the joycon wasn't good enough, and we created a grip that will replicate that good feeling a pro controller gives you● WE KNOW THE ORIGINAL KICKSTAND isn't good enough, which is why we designed the grip to stand by itself, even while charging with a low-profile USB cable● WE'VE STUDIED OUR COMPETITION and found that common issues are eg. too tight, blocking shoulder buttons, not chargeable, small grip, not ergonomic and we've designed our grip based on your feedback and solved these problems● DON'T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT, read our reviews. We've already sold thousands via Kickstarter and Indiegogo, so the product has already harvested great feedback. Do like the thousands of gamers has done before you, buy the Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip

Product Description

We designed the Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip to give you an unrivaled, pro-controller
The Ultimate Gaming Grip

Rigid & High Strength Unibody Design

One step beyond any other gaming grip. Rigid, ergonomic design places your hands in the perfect position for the Nintendo Switch. Our widely acclaimed grip distributes weight to your hands like a traditional console controller so your fingers are free for more accurate, ergonomic control.

The small switch controllers put the burden of supporting the switch on your fingers, limiting control and making the switch uncomfortable for adult hands. The secret to our design is its asymmetrical layout. The bottom hooks on our design hold and secure your Nintendo Switch in place and also act as a convenient stand to set your device down vertically.

the Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip was designed to keep your thumb closer to its natural resting position.
With the Satisfye pro gaming  grip, your hands are always in the perfect position.